We are open for business. We are currently accepting orders online for pick-up in person.

We are open for business. We are currently accepting orders online for pick-up in person.

Our Team

Steve Fancher: Owner, Horticulturist, Buyer

Steve brings twenty years of industry experience. His passion is growing plants for his customers of the highest quality without the use of harmful pesticides. With his degree in horticulture from the University of Connecticut and the amount of experience producing plants for the mass markets, Steve is invaluable! Steve can be reached at steve@shakespearesgarden.net

Mark Fancher: Owner, Designer, Buyer

Mark brings magic to Shakespeare’s Garden. From fine garden installations to sourcing and displaying products, he is the poet at Shakespeare’s Garden.  Mark can be reached at mark@shakespearesgarden.net

Kasia Fancher: Owner, Designer, Buyer

Kasia creates works of art for Shakespeare’s Garden. One sees this in all of her arrangements,  holiday décor, and displays. Her main passion is succulent arrangements and organic gardening. With years of experience, everything she touches turns into a masterpiece. She is a true talent. Kasia can be reached at buyer@shakespearesgarden.net

Garry Ober: Tree/Shrub Manager, Landscape Designer & Project Manager

Garry brings 40 years of experience in the horticulture industry to Shakespeare’s Garden. He is a graduate of Duke University with a B.S. in biological chemistry and botany.  Before Joining Shakespeare’s garden, Garry managed his own design-build business for many years. Today, he is our Tree & Shrub Manager, one of the Landscape Designers as well as Landscape Project Manager.  He especially enjoys working with native plants. Garry can be reached at garry@shakespearesgarden.net

Caitilin Driscoll: Perennial Manager, Landscape Designer & Project Manager 

Caitilin brings to Shakespeare’s Garden over twenty years of horticultural experience, including plant knowledge, garden design, and garden installation.  Caitilin marvels at each plant, how it grows, and the joy plants bring. Finding delight in helping people, growing plants and designing gardens, for her, it’s, “Wow, look what plants can do!” She studied horticulture and landscape design at the New York Botanical Gardens.  Caitlin can be reached at caitilin@shakespearesgarden.net

Dorota Pietrucha: Garden Center Sales, Designer

Dorota brings many years of experience designing custom arrangements for customers.  She has created a real following.  A true talent we couldn’t do without.

Elizabeth Werelbird : Greenhouse Grower, Plant Sales

Like so many people, Elizabeth’s love of plants was learned at her mother’s knee. After years of gardening fire escapes and apartment plots, she decided to formalize her passion for the green life and returned to Uconn for her bachelor’s degree.  With experience in landscaping and a passion for houseplants, perennials, and vegetable gardening. She loves helping others foster their green love. Elizabeth can be reached at elizabeth@shakespearesgarden.net

Kate Jamison: Garden center sales, Designer

I have been in love with gardening since I was 7 when I used to “help” my dad in his gardens. It was mostly pulling vines and cleaning out weeds, but it started my love of being outside with dirt and chlorophyll under my nails. After studying Landscape Architecture in college, I realized it was the plants that I loved the most so I went back to school for a 2 year program at the New York Botanical Garden. The next 37 years was spent working at Retail nurseries:  Firstly at Oliver Nursery, Fairfield, Ct., Co-owner and sales, then my own nursery/greenhouse- growing and selling to Retail nurseries and Landscapers; thirdly I was 8 years with Gilberties Herb Gardens in their retail nursery(Westport) and wholesale growing operation(Easton) where we opened up a re-wholesale landscape yard as well as I managed the growing of the annuals and perennials plants. My next stop was a new creature, a combined home and décor store called Terrain in Westport, Ct. with an outdoor nursery and a large selection of indoor tropical plants as well.  My management position there kept me busy doing just about everything. I moved away after 7 years and was lucky enough to be employed by Shakespeares garden in Brookfield, Ct. where I feel like I have come home to a real retail nursery doubled with great growing facilities. I work in the perennial section of the nursery but feel comfortable in the woody and tropical plant areas too. Kate can be reached at kate@shakespearesgarden.net

Manuel Moreno: Fine Gardening Manager

Manuel has worked for Shakespeare’s Garden for twenty-five years.  A true talent in the field of fine gardening, Manuel pays close attention to our clients and their properties.  His attention to detail is unmatched.  Manuel can be reached at manuel@shakespearesgarden.net

Javier Moreno: Landscape Manager

Javier has worked for Shakespeare’s Garden for eighteen years.  His focus on completing the task at hand in an efficient manner is unmatched.  With a dedication to completing every project, he embarks on with focus and determination.  Javier can be reached at javier@shakespearesgarden.net