Pickup / Delivery Policy

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For Pickup

Curbside pickup is for Monday – Friday only.  Orders for pick up will be available 48 hours after they were placed online.   Customers will pay the same price for the product as if shopping on site at our garden center but there will be a fee to offer this service.  The pick up fee will be $25.00.    This service will include us boxing your items and loading them inside your car once you arrive.  When you arrive for your order, call us at 2037752214 and a staff member will retrieve your order.   If you are uncomfortable having us load the order in your car, we will leave the order up front in the parking area for you to load.

For Delivery

Orders requesting local delivery will be scheduled once the order is pulled and complete.

We will notify you with a email telling you when you can expect delivery.

The delivery fee only covers us leaving the product in a safe spot in your driveway.

There is a minimum $100.00 order value to qualify for delivery.

Delivery Fee by town:

Town                  Delivery Fee

Bethel                 $25.00

Brookfield          $25.00

Danbury             $50.00

Newtown           $50.00

New Milford      $50.00

Redding              $75.00

Ridgefield           $75.00

Wilton                 $75.00

Easton                $75.00

Monroe              $75.00

Southbury          $75.00

Woodbury         $75.00

Bridgewater       $50.00

Roxbury              $50.00

Kent                     $75.00